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Youth Matters



Youth Matters @ Walsingham!

Pleasel forgive this play on words but young people really do matter to us at Walsingham.

For here, perhaps more obviously than anywhere else, we are reminded through Mary’s “yes” that God chooses young people to do his work on earth. We are passionate about inspiring the  children and young people who come here on Pilgrimage to follow Mary’s example of  being open to God’s word for them and obedient, as she was, to saying “yes” to doing his will.

You will see in these linked pages that our Youth and Children’s Ministry is facilitated through several Special Pilgrimages: Age-appropriate Pilgrimages spread  throughout the year for Families, Adoremus (for 18+ Young Adults), for Children (7-11 years) and for Youth (11-25). Look out for the flyers and booking forms for these!

We also offer a dedicated Youth and Children’s Pilgrimage Experience with our current Yr4God Youth Team, to complement the Parish Pilgrimage Programme, whenever children and young people are resident with their parish groups. 

Youth & Children’s Sleepovers in our Pilgrim Hall for Sunday Schools, Choir Clubs, Youth Groups, Servers, Uniformed Organisations etc are a wonderful way of bonding your group and experiencing Pilgrimage on a budget!

The Yr4God Scheme is a wonderful opportunity for up to four young people aged 18-25 to come to spend almost a year getting involved in all aspects of the Shrine’s life and ministry, but with a special responsibility for the nurture of the young through the Special Pilgrimages and the Youth & Children’s Pilgrimage experience. Do get in touch if you are interested in applying for this exciting opportunity!  CLICK HERE FOR YEAR4GOD

Come and visit us and see what exciting adventures into pilgrimage that Walsingham has to offer for Children and Young People.




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