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  Schools' Visit Programmes

2014 - an overview of the work of the Schools' Department; to download this PDF brochure - click here

Primary and (lower) Middle School - KS 1/2

(For KS 3/4 and A/AS level click here)

Be a pilgrim for the dayTo be a Pilgrim:

KS1 & KS2 - R.E. and History

A hands on experience of pilgrimage • estimate the historical roots of pilgrimage to Walsingham and other places • >be a pilgrim for the day • make a procession, visit the Holy House and explore the Priory ruins.

Walsingham Churches Trail:

KS2 - R.E.

Children are invited to be Church Detectives and to check in on the Walsingham churches trail • an ideal programme to supplement all aspects of teaching about Christian places of worship • visit the Methodist church, Orthodox church and the Shrine •  compare and contrast the symbolism, atmosphere and worship styles.

Come to Bethlehem!:

KS 1 & 2

A day of activities to enable children to make an imaginary journey to Bethlehem and visit the Christ child • lots of inter-active games/stories/drama and artefact handling to explore this special Christian festival  • children are invited to join Mary and Joseph on their journey to the stable and think about modern journeys to Walsingham or the Holy Land • make an Advent wreath and look at how Christians/churches prepare for Christmas • experience a special quiet time by the crib in the Holy House

Three crossesThe Walsingham Easter Trail:


Easter as a Christian festival, its importance, symbols associated with it, the 'first' Easter • vocabulary - crucifixion, the road to the cross, betrayal, the Last Supper, resurrection, worship etc. •  procession, ritual and worship associated with the Easter festival in Christian churches. • music, song, candles, pictures, statues and prayers

Let's Celebrate!:

KS 1 & 2 - Christian Festivals

Christmas and Easter - Harvest - Mothering Sunday - Pentecost - Candlemass - Ascension Day • what do we celebrate in life and why? • why do Christians celebrate special festivals? • what do they do? • the Big Christianity Celebration Cake • the Shrine Festivals Carousel - a series of activities around the Shrine Church

Children in Tudor costumeA Pilgrimage Walk with the Tudors:

KS2 - R.E. and History

Become a Tudor noble, townsperson or peasant (costumes available for up to 46 children) • explore the village and the Priory • act out the dissolution of the Priory • take part in a banquet with entertainment (classes are encouraged to contribute) •  visit the Shrine - the "new" Holy House and the well

(Upper) Middle and Secondary School - KS 3/4 and A/AS level

Explore the artsOne Church, One Faith . . . ?:

Explore Christian places of worship in Walsingham - a day visit programme for KS3. Also ideal for GCSE and adaptable for A level groups

Suitable for individual class groups or larger scale year group visits • visit three/four places of worship in the village (Russian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Methodist, the Anglican Shrine, plus the option of the parish church • focus on lay-out, furnishings, worship, vessels, icons, music and prayer • compare and contrast - with activity sheets • discover more about Christian pilgrimage to this famous holy site

Children studyingWhat's Pilgrimage?:

For KS 3/4 - ideal for GCSE - adaptable for large or small groups

Programme A - visit the Roman Catholic National Shrine (the Slipper Chapel) at Houghton St Giles • walk the Holy Mile barefoot the way medieval pilgrims did (optional!) • reach the Anglican Shrine and have a picnic lunch • explore the Shrine site - gardens, Stations of the Cross, the holy well, the Shrine Church and Holy House • meet a priest and find out about vocation and lifestyle • Sprinkling at the well.

Programme B - introductory activities in the classroom - the Walsingham background • out and about to the Priory ruins - the first Holy House, the ruins of the great Priory church, what happened in the crypt in 1538? - the monks' bath and the holy wells • picnic lunch • focus on modern pilgrims • explore the Shrine and be a pilgrim.

Shrine Experience - for KS 2 - 'A' level:

The aim of this programme is for the pupils to gain an experience of pilgrimage to The Shrine through being a pilgrim. Activities are included in the day that will help them to understand the meaning behind the events. This can be a self-led day or led by a member of the Ministry Team by prior arrangement.

Big Shrine, Little Shrine:

Spend the morning at the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham where Lady Richeldis’ visions of Mary led to the building of the ‘house of Nazareth’, and the afternoon in Norwich at the Julian Shrine, the home of the medieval mystic known for her revelations of divine love.

We aim to give pupils the opportunity to experience pilgrimage at the two foremost Shrines in Norfolk and to deepen an understanding of the spiritual journey a pilgrim will make through the beauty and majesty of Walsingham's Holy House contrasted with the simple silence of the Julian Shrine.


A special programme for students following short course GCSE/A level - also adaptable for KS3

A day programme that offers activities that enable students to discover the spirituality of the Shrine and find out about pilgrimage and worship and its modern relevance • structured discussion/debating groups led by priests/visiting speakers/nuns on key topics such as euthanasia, "A just war?", environmental issues, "Should women be priests?", abortion and other moral issues • opportunities to find out about the vocation to the religious life by meeting and quizzing Shrine clergy, nuns and Orthodox priests • exploratory activities - religious art and symbolism

Feasts and Fasts:

Why do Christians celebrate festivals and what are they? A programme especially geared towards lower KS3

Why is Christmas important to Christians? • Who was Jesus? Resurrection . mystery, fiction, fable or fib? • what's the Holy Spirit? • symbols, objects, funny clothes, candles etc. - how are they used in worship and to celebrate festivals? • quiz a priest or nun about why these festivals are important to their faith • a series of rotational activities taking place in the Shrine Church chapels and Holy House

Residential Programmes:

Why not consider a residential mid-week visit?

Many schools at KS2 and KS3 already do it • book a building for your exclusive use mid-week - shared rooms on various floors available • full board and packed lunches available for trips out • beaches, historical/heritage sites, cathedrals and more • make a cross-curricular trip - we'll help you plan it • any of our programmes can be adapted to fit in with a residential visit




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