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The Youth Pilgrimage


Who do you think you are? - The 2017 Youth Pilgrimage


Pilgrimage - Rain soaked tents, drawing in the sand and learning the power of self

This article was written for The Church Times by Sophia Laycock, a member of the St. Albans Cathedral group.

The Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage has been such an uplifting experience. Although there have been flooded tents and rainy days, our campers (while soaked) had one of the best weeks of their lives; meeting new people, learning about their faith and embracing everyone’s beliefs with joy and enthusiasm.

A part of this trip we all enjoyed was the music (played by CJM in the big top tent) both within services and at the discos. It played a large role in uniting the pilgrims in prayer as well as friendship.

All the pilgrims also loved day trips out. Our St Albans Cathedral Group visited Norwich and Cromer. We went to the sea, drew our names in the sand and visited Norwich Cathedral. Some of the other pilgrims visited Wells-by-the-Sea on the ‘Enchanted Railway’ which they assured us was a delight.

Above all we have learned so much. Our theme at Walsingham this year was: “Who do you think you are?”

Within this theme we explored our identities and how modern-day society may have influenced how we perceive ourselves with a particular focus on social media.

I found it impressive that we looked at how this affects real people and having a speaker (Bishop Phillip North) explaining how he found his identity through his faith really made me marvel at the love, kindness and forgiveness people feel through God in everyday life.

And that is what Christians really strive to; to feel God’s love for them, to treat people with kindness and forgiveness, and to share the Good News.

However, above everything else we are so grateful for being given the opportunity to come on this Youth Pilgrimage. It wouldn’t have been possible without all the volunteers, our leaders and our ‘God Parents’ (individuals who donated money so we could attend this pilgrimage). We are so thankful we could all share in this experience and learn so much while having fun with friends old and new.


Many more photos can be found in the Shrine's Photo Gallery - click here




In the past few years the GODPARENT scheme has raised money to enable young people from all over the country to participate in the Youth Pilgrimage. In 2016 the Godparents raised £12,000. To find out more about the 2017 scheme - click here




2018 Youth Pilgrimage dates:

Monday 30th July – Friday 3rd August


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Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage: The Stats

  • Camp with hundreds of other young Christians in the village of Little Walsingham - minutes from the Shrine
  • Mass in a Big Top with the amazing band CJM
  • Bible Studies
  • First night BBQ & Disco
  • Wednesday All-Night Liturgy
  • Tread in the footsteps of pilgrims from the past 950 years on the Holy Mile
  • Workshop afternoon with crafts, dance, sport, drama, music with CJM - and inflatables!
  • Chill out in the café
  • Last night disco and karaoke


Photos of the 2017 Youth Pilgrimage can be found in the Shrine Photo Gallery (click here)










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