The Guardians


The College of Guardians was formed in 1931. It comprises twenty priests and laity (including the Priest Administrator) who are the legal trustees of the Shrine. The Guardians elect one of their number (who must be a priest) to serve as Master. The Guardians meet twice a year in Chapter (chaired by the Master) to oversee the affairs of the Shrine. Each Guardian is assigned a stall and an altar in the Shrine Church. When attending the Shrine Church or the National Pilgrimage each Guardian wears the insignia of a star suspended from black and white ribbon and a blue velvet mantle.

In addition to the full Guardians there are those who are retired from office (Guardians Emeritus) and those who live overseas or were thanked for their support of the Shrine (Honorary Guardians).

In addition, a small group of Guardians act as directors of The Walsingham College Trust Association Ltd., the registered charity which is responsible for all aspects of the Shrine's day to day work.


The Rt Revd Dr Martin Warner1993The Revd Howard Stoker●2011
Mr John Downing●1993The Revd Brian Bell2012
The Revd Dr Jeremy Sheehy1997Mr Andrew Roberts●2012
Mr Richard Mantle=1998Ms Amanda McIntyre●2015
The Rt Revd Philip North*●2000The Revd Philip Barnes2016
Mr John Booth●2001Miss Mary Thorne2019
The Revd Kevin Smith‡2002The Revd William Hazlewood2019
Mrs Ruth Ward2003Mr Kit Read2019
The Rt Revd Jonathan Baker●2006Vacancy
The Revd Graeme Rowlands†●2009 Vacancy
Guardians Emerit(us/a)Honorary Guardians
The Rt Revd Lord Hope of Thornes1978The Rt Revd Keith Ackerman1996
Major Patrick King1991The Rt Revd Alan Chesters1999
The Ven Bernard Holdridge1997The Rt Revd Graham James2005
Mrs Barbara Marlow1997The Rt Revd Tony Robinson§2009
The Rt Revd Lindsay Urwin OGS2006
Dr Brian Hanson+1987 
Baroness (Margaret) Eaton2014
The Revd John Gribben CR1993
Betty Jarrett2003
* MasterRegistrarPriest Administrator
Director WCTA Ltd§ Visitor
+ Company Secretary= Treasurer