Children’s Pilgrimage

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Join us for an action-packed and prayerful pilgrimage to England's Nazareth.

Our 2022 Children's Pilgrimage is all about changes. Changes happen all around us, but how can we be closer to God and what changes do we need to make in our own lives?

The Children's Pilgrimage begins on the Friday evening with supper at 6.30pm and then our first Visit to the Holy House is at 8.15pm. After a packed weekend, it concludes on the Sunday with Sprinkling, Benediction and the Last Visit, which takes place at 2.00pm.

  • Lively worship and great music
  • Daily Mass
  • Sprinkling from the well
  • Interactive prayer stations
  • Holy Mile Walk
  • Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
  • A fun-packed afternoon of activities
  • Disco

For full information and details about how to book, please click here

Join us this year in England's Nazareth!

Last year our Children's Pilgrimage was online due to the pandemic. You can view the content by clicking here

You can view the photographs from our 2019 Pilgrimage 'Saving Water' by clicking here