Handcrafted crucifixes from the original Calvary crosses are unveiled

In 1931, three great oak crosses were erected in the Shrine gardens by Fr Patten to form Walsingham’s Calvary. When the original Calvary had to be replaced in 2019, the beautiful oak was preserved, recycled and crafted into a special limited edition series of twelve large crucifixes. These special objects of devotion which have a tangible link with the very beginnings of the restored Shrine are now available to you.

Fr Kevin Smith, Priest Administrator, commented: “The crosses are hand-cut by local joiner, Richard McColl, and following research by Fr Andreas Wenzel, we commissioned craftsmen at the Holzschnitzereien Beuße workshop in Eisenberg-Speiden, Germany, to carve the traditional linden wood corpus. The simplicity of the crucifix, its special connection to the Shrine and the intricately carved figure of Christ bearing his sacrifice is something that we especially wanted to share with pilgrims.

Fr Kevin added, “There are only twelve crucifixes in this limited edition series but fortunately there is some oak left and we hope to be able to add to the series later in the year”.

The Walsingham Calvary Crucifix reflects nearly one thousand years of Christian worship in England’s Nazareth, and as we enter Lent and prepare for the celebration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ in Holy Week and Easter, we are reminded of both the theological and devotional significance of the cross.

For further details about ordering a Walsingham Calvary Crucifix for your church, please contact the Shrine Shop (01328 824 201 or email shop@olw-shrine.org.uk).

A Walsingham Crucifix can currently be seen in Norton’s