The Society of Our Lady of Walsingham


Over 6,500 pilgrims are members of the Society, supporting the Shrine through their daily prayers.

Society members undertake to say the Angelus everyday as a way of remembering the Shrine in their prayers. There is also the opportunity to join The Living Rosary (see below) which offers a more extensive prayer commitment. Society members are remembered each day at Shrine Prayers.

The joining subscription is £10 (single membership) or £15 (married couple) to cover the first year's membership - badge, mailings etc.

Thereafter we ask for a minimum annual subscription of £10 per year (single membership) or £15 per year (married couple) to cover the cost of the Walsingham Review, etc.

The Objects of the Society

  • To honour Mary, the Mother of God and to deepen faith in the incarnation of Our Lord.
  • To promote devotion to Our Lady and pilgrimage to Walsingham.
  • To further, with the aid of Our Lady's prayers, the conversion of the nations and the re-union of Christendom.
  • To seek holiness of life through prayer, the scriptures and the sacraments.
  • Members of the Society are asked to say the Angelus each day.

Membership of the Society

  • Membership is open to all who have been baptised.
  • The joining fee is £10.00, for which a new member receives the Society's badge, membership card and the current edition of the Walsingham Review. The joining fee also covers the first year's membership. Thereafter there is an annual subscription of £10.00 to cover the cost of receiving the Walsingham Review, the Society's magazine.
  • Joint membership for married couples has a joining fee of £15 and subsequent annual subscription of £15.00
  • Details of each member's name and address are recorded on a database at the Shrine.

The Constitution of the Society

The Guardians of the Holy House have ultimate responsibility for the life of the Shrine. They delegate the running of the Society to the Priest Administrator of the Shrine who is ex officio the Superior General of the Society.

A lamp burns in the Holy House for the Society and the Society is mentioned in the intercessions each day at Shrine Prayers. A monthly requiem is offered at the Shrine for departed members of the Society; their names are recorded in the Walsingham Review, the magazine of the Society and of the Priest Associates of the Holy House, in thanksgiving for their life and pilgrimage witness.

Members of the Society are able to unite themselves more closely with the Shrine's work of intercessory prayer by joining the Living Rosary of Our Lady of Walsingham. Details are available from the Membership Secretary.

For a Society application form click here.

Members of the Society may group themselves together to form a local Cell.

For details on how to form a cell click here.