During the past 80 years since the restoration of the Shrine, thousands of other pilgrims have contributed to the running, upkeep and development of ‘England’s Nazareth’ through their donations, gifts and legacies. As a charity, the Shrine depends on this giving in order to subsidise the costs for pilgrims staying at Walsingham and none of the large building and refurbishment undertakings of the past few years would be possible without the sacrificial giving from those with a deep love of Our Lady of Walsingham. Well over 5,000 pilgrims and friends made donations to our 2006 Appeal and without that level of generosity we would have struggled to pay the builders!

There are all sorts of ways that donations and legacies can be used and the Guardians try very hard to make sure that large gifts are used for a specific purpose and commemorated in some appropriate way. Visit the Gifts & Legacies page to find out more.


What happens to the money that is placed in the various offering boxes in the Shrine Church? All these offerings (generally anonymous, unless Gift Aided - if you visit and are a UK taxpayer do take the trouble to fill in a Gift Aid envelope; your donation is then worth considerably more) are put towards the regular upkeep of the Shrine – and the Church in particular. There are always so many restoration and cleaning jobs - restoring the wall paintings, embroidery repairs on vestments, replacing worn out chairs; the list is endless.


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    If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your gift can be increased by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme. On your behalf, we simply claim back the tax from HM Revenue & Customs - all you have to do is tick the box below.Please read the information on Gift Aid before completing.I want the charity, WCTA Ltd (Walsingham College Trust Association Limited), to treat this and all other donations I make from the date of this declaration until I notify you otherwise as Gift Aid donations.This Gift Aid declaration will remain in place until cancelled by you.