The Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is for the enjoyment of:

  • pilgrims who were at a pilgrimage or event and would like to reminisce
  • pilgrims who could not be there and would like to see what went on
  • friends of the Shrine who live overseas and
  • people who are interested in Walsingham and its Shrine

Currently a variety of photographers are capturing images of the Shrine's major events.

Browsers of the Photo Galleries can download and use any image but please remember the images in the Galleries are made available by the Shrine and the various photographers. Personal use of the images, for social media etc. is unlimited but if they are to be printed or used publicly, please obtain permission from before downloading. The reason for prior approval is twofold:
(a) to learn where and for what purpose Shrine images are being used and
(b) to offer the viewer a better high resolution image file, if required.

Care is taken with regard to safeguarding and images of children. In the event of an image appearing in any of the Photo Galleries that causes concern, then please contact the Shrine who will arrange to either delete or edit the image as required.

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