The Walsingham Partnership


On the 15 October 1931 the Image of Our Lady of Walsingham was moved from the Parish Church to the newly built Holy House in the Shrine Church.   As part of the 75th anniversary celebrations, in 2006, the Partnership of our Lady of Walsingham was established.

The Partnership level of membership was designed to more closely engage Pilgrims and visitors in the development of the facilities available at the Shrine.  It requires a minimum donation of £120 per year, usually paid by Banker’s Order over the year.  These additional funds have, over the years contributed to the building of the Milner Wing, the refurbishment of the accommodation in the College and St Augustine’s as well as the landscaping of the gardens.

The work, however, as was said in 2006, is not over.  The Partnership enables you to play a part in the future building of the Shrines facilities.

Partnership of the Shrine builds on Society membership, receiving two Walsingham Review’s per year.  In addition, Partners receive a rather special Partnership Membership Card, with their name entered into the Partnership Book.  In February each year they are invited to a Partnership Pilgrimage Weekend and Dinner.  At this weekend they hear about the new developments going on at the Shrine and attend talks given by outside speakers on topics related to the Shrine.

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