Every year we welcome a steady stream of friends who volunteer their services in return for board and lodging and the chance to enjoy the peace of the Shrine during their stay with us. Extra pairs of hands are always needed in the Refectory, Norton’s Cafe-Bar, the Sacristy, the Shrine Shop and in the Housekeeping Department. Keen gardeners are worth their weight in gold – particularly if they are happy to weed and dead-head!

Volunteers normally come to Walsingham for one or two weeks during the spring and summer, many returning year after year. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Shrine’s Director of Operations (Mr Christopher Hamilton-Emery) at the Milner Wing, Common Place, Walsingham, NR22 6BP.

Addtionally, a team of twenty Welcome Centre Stewards form our essential meet and greet team for visitors and tourists coming to the Shrine. The Welcome Centre – built as part of the Milner Wing in 2007/8 with Heritage Lottery Funding – has transformed the understanding of visitors to Walsingham of the history and purpose of the modern day Shrine. Each day a pair of stewards – one in the church and one in the Welcome Centre – answer visitors’ questions, guide them around the buildings and grounds, and assist at the daily service of Sprinkling. The Stewards come from the surrounding north Norfolk area and are all great supporters of the Shrine. Please contact Christopher Hamilton-Emery in the Development Office (tel: 01328 824214; email: dev@olw-shrine.org.uk) if you would like further information on being a Welcome Steward.