Application Form for both New Lamps and Renewals


Our Lady's Lamps and Candles

Please make your lamp donation using a Debit or Credit Card. When you click the submit button, you will be asked to fill in your details. Please note that you can either use your PayPal account (if you have one) or make a guest payment using your card.

Renewing Your Lamp Online: If you have received a lamp renewal reminder by post and wish to renew and pay online, please use this form, filling in all the details requested, but also including (in the Dedication box above) your lamp reference number (to be found in the reminder letter) and the word RENEWAL - in addition to the dedication. Please remember to fill in the sections of the form both above and below this message.

Please do not renew your lamp online unless you have recently received a postal reminder.

  • Payment method

  • Lamp details

  • (Please give name of church, institution or person. Add the letters R.I.P. after a person's name (which should include his/her Christian name) if they are deceased. Remember that Lamps of the Holy House have small shields. Do not make the dedication too long.)

  • Your details

  • Gift Aid Declaration

  • If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your gift can be increased by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme. On your behalf, we simply claim back the tax from HM Revenue & Customs - all you have to do is tick the box below.

    Please read the information on Gift Aid before completing.

    I want the charity, WCTA Ltd (Walsingham College Trust Association Limited), to treat this and all other donations I make from the date of this declaration until I notify you otherwise as Gift Aid donations.

    This Gift Aid declaration will remain in place until cancelled by you.