Renew Your Membership


If you are already a member of the Society of Our Lady of Walsingham, a Priest or Deacon Associate of the Holy House or a member of the Walsingham Partnership, you can pay your annual subscription using the form below and a credit or debit card via the PayPal page which you are directed to when you press Submit below.

Subscriptions may be paid at any time during the calendar year. The minimum annual subscription for members of the Society and for Priests and Deacons Associate is £20. Joint (married couple) membership is £35

NOTE We do not acknowledge receipt of membership payments.  Nor do we send out reminders so please remember to renew your membership every year.  If you would like to prevent worrying about remembering to renew your membership, you can pay by Banker’s Order.  Email and we will send you a form

If you would prefer to pay by cheque please make payable to WCTA and include your full address, email and what your cheque is for. 

Cheques should be sent to:

The Membership Secretary
The Milner Wing
The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
Common Place
NR22 6BP

If you wish to pay the subscriptions for a group of Walsingham Cell members, please make one payment for the total amount under your name and card and then send an e-mail to: The Membership Secretary ( advising that a Cell payment has been made and giving a list of members names with the individual amounts paid.

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  • Gift Aid Declaration

  • If you are a UK taxpayer, the value of your gift can be increased by 25% under the Gift Aid scheme. On your behalf, we simply claim back the tax from HM Revenue & Customs - all you have to do is tick the box below.

    Please read the information on Gift Aid before completing.

    I want the charity, WCTA Ltd (Walsingham College Trust Association Limited), to treat this and all other donations I make from the date of this declaration until I notify you otherwise as Gift Aid donations.

    This Gift Aid declaration will remain in place until cancelled by you.