Family Pilgrimage

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Heavenly Treasure!

Our 2022 Family Pilgrimage takes place at the Shrine from Monday 24th to Thursday 27th October and will explore the theme of Heavenly Treasure!

Treasure is something really, really valuable. Treasure can be things we collect hear on Earth or they can be Heavenly treasures. We might think that earthly treasures will make us happy---to fill that empty spot in our hearts. And for a time, earthly treasures can make us happy, but we will always be a wanting for the next "new or different" thing. God wants us to know there isn't enough money or things that we can collect in life to fit where only He belongs! The things we treasure in life reveal what is important to us---they show us the condition of our hearts and our priorities.

Join us for an action-packed and prayerful pilgrimage to England's Nazareth to find out more! The pilgrimage is special time together for all the family.

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The Family Pilgrimage is an action-packed and prayerful pilgrimage to England's Nazareth. 

The Pilgrimage takes place in the October half-term and is a special time together for all the family, young or old.


  • Liturgies and great music for all ages
  • Daily Mass
  • Sprinkling from the well
  • Healing Ministries and interactive prayer stations
  • Holy Mile Walk
  • Procession of Our Lady in the Shrine grounds
  • Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Fun activities
  • Disco
  • Quiet time for adults
  • Quality time together as a family
  • Free time to explore the local area!



You can view more photos from our 2021 Family Pilgrimage 'Angels of Light', by clicking below.