Guardian’s Chapter April 2024

The College of Guardians met in Chapter from Monday 29th to Tuesday 30th April 2024.
It comprises twenty priests and laity (including the Priest Administrator) who are the legal trustees of the Shrine. The Guardians elect one of their number (who must be a priest) to serve as Master. It was announced that the next Master of the Guardians is to be Fr Philip Barnes. Fr Philip currently serves as Vicar of St Stephen’s Gloucester Road and is a prebendary of St Paul’s Cathedral. He has been a Guardian since 2016 and has served the Shrine as Shrine Priest and interim Priest Administrator. The Guardians meet twice a year in Chapter (chaired by the Master) to oversee the affairs of the Shrine. Each Guardian is assigned a stall and an altar in the Shrine Church. When attending the Shrine Church or the National Pilgrimage each Guardian wears the insignia of a star suspended from black and white ribbon and a blue velvet mantle.

Chapter included Mass where Fr Graeme Rowlands was licensed by The Bishop of Norwich as Registrar in Residence, to provide support during the interregnum.
The next Priest Administrator, Fr Ben Eadon attended and also met and talked to staff, Guardians and members of the wider community.

Venetia Davies who is the PA to the Priest Administrator, was thanked for working at the Shrine for 25 years and has worked with various Priest Administrators over the years!

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