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+Martin Cicestr, Master of the Guardians of the Holy House, writes:

Making the journey to Walsingham, a remote village in north Norfolk, is also a way to make the connection with the themes of pilgrimage that criss-cross the Bible.

At the heart of our life is the call to be the new Israel, the pilgrim people of God, travelling from earth to the promised land of heaven, passing through the waters of the font, sustained by the food of the Eucharist.

Within the greater sweep of the Bibleís narrative of Godís mission of love and salvation, there are the pilgrimage stories that come to life in Walsingham. They are Maryís journey to visit her kinswoman Elizabeth; the enforced journey to Bethlehem where the Christ child is born; the journey to Egypt as the holy family flees the massacre of the innocents; the return journey Nazareth; the anxious return to Jerusalem in search of the lost 12 year old Jesus.

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