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2016 Year of Mercy

Opening the Doors

I made my way, with a number of other Christians in Advent , to the ancient door once used by pilgrims to a cathedral church. The door was located at the dark end of a draughty cloister. Itís now rarely used. The huge iron bolts had been released especially for this occasion, so that we could open the door and enter the church.

This was just one of the many holy door openings that marked the beginning of the Year of Mercy. As we embark upon this special year ever-open door to the Holy House of Englandís Nazareth beckons us with an even greater sense of expectation and joy. Come on pilgrimage Walsingham and experience the mercy of God revealed in gospel life.

This year, we shall focus on Mary the Mother of Mercy. This beautiful and historic title given to the mother of Jesus is rooted in the basic necessities and reality of daily life. It turns our attention to the ways in which the gospel shapes our home life. It speaks of ďthe homeliness of holinessĒ Ė a phrase often used by a former Master of the Guardians, Bishop David Hope.

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